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Triple Blended Coffee Beans

Support Hope Rising

Hope Rising's mission is to be a safe place that connects people to resources for abundant life.  We want to be a community that treats all people with dignity and respect.  By making a donation to Hope Rising or by participating in the fundraisers below, your donations will go toward making that mission happen!

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About the HOFFA Foundation
"At the HOFFA Foundation, we understand that recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is about progress, not perfection. We’re dedicated to providing resources that will enable residents of Carroll County, MD and beyond who are struggling with addiction to make forward progress in their recovery from substance abuse, while gaining hope for a brighter future for themselves and their families. Our primary program for recovery support is a safe recovery residence where individuals can live while seeking long-term freedom from active addiction to drugs and alcohol."

Support Hope Rising and the HOFFA Foundation by purchasing delicious Hoffa Coffee, apparel, and more! Hope Rising receives a profit from every purchase made through the link below.

Use this link:

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